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Neat practice clothing is required for all classes, e.g. tights/leggins or shorts, crop tops, tight t-shirts etc. Please ensure it is something that can stretch and is easy to move in. Sneakers or bare feet are suitable for students who have just started however by their first concert students will need to have purchased the following:

Black Jazz Shoes

Rainbow, Red & Yellow Teams

Black Dance Sneakers

Green, Bronze, Silver & Gold Teams

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White Casual Sneakers


White Dance Sneakers

Open Age Jazz, Bronze, Silver & Gold Teams

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Shoes and dance wear can be purchased from any dance store.

Some suggestions are:

Dance FX 502 North East Rd, Windsor Gardens Ph: 8266 0666 (Unley Store Ph: 8272 2668)

The Stage Shop  3 Leigh Street, Adelaide Ph: 8231 9554

Dance Zone  Shop 1/88 Glynburn Rd, Hectorville Ph: 8337 6737

Emmsee 779a Port Road, Woodville Ph: 8268 1155

Second hand shoes are often available for purchase through JFF, please enquire at your weekly lesson.

Performance footwEAR 


Footwear for advanced team students in Yellow (Adv), Bronze, Silver, & Gold often changes from term to term depending on the style of dance being taught. A range of dance shoes is required, however, if students are needing to purchase new shoes we recommend ‘holding off’ until we announce which shoes will be used for performances (no point in buying them until you need them!). JFF will advise students at the start of each term of the required footwear for performances.

Camel Jazz Shoes

Black Jazz Shoes

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Foot Thongs

White Dance Sneakers

Black Dance Sneakers

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The ideal garments to wear to class, Singlets & Jackets can be ordered & purchased from desk staff.

Girls Singlets


Boys Singlets


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Ladies Singlets


Childrens Jacket


Adult Jacket


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Good attendance is imperative as absences and tardiness can hold back an entire class. Catch up classes or additional lesson time is not available. Please make every effort to be at all classes and advise of any absences. Advanced classes especially require a committed attendance otherwise your place in the team will be forfeited.



Concert performances provide many great benefits and allow students the opportunity to showcase their work in a formal theatre setting.

The thrill of performing in front of a live audience, and the experience of being backstage help students to develop an appreciation for dance as a performing art.

At concerts students improve their social and communication skills, learn how to work as part of a team and grow in confidence as their work is acknowledged.

The increase in students enthusiasm and energy after a concert is always noticeable. Concerts are a very special time for our students and we strongly encourage that concert dates are recorded early in the year to ensure availability. Absence at concerts effects the entire team, as such, we ask that you advise as early as possible of any issues with concert dates.




Parents, please be aware that your presence may be ‘off putting’ to class members, so it is preferred that you leave the students alone while they take their lesson. Parents & friends may be invited at various stages throughout the term to enter the lesson and watch the last 5 minutes of class (always at the teacher’s invitation). For the comfort and wellbeing of our students we ask that phones are not used to record students work during viewing sessions - teachers are able to demonstrate choreography for recording on your request.




Teams will be divided into two separate casts for the afternoon and evening concerts. The exception being: our advanced teams Silver & Gold who will be required for both concerts.


This concert displays the work learnt over the first two terms. It provides students the opportunity to gain stage experience.


This is our major performance showcasing a selection of the years work.
Celebrate with us, as we present showcase.



Photography by Yeu Lin Liew


The Adelaide Lightning Dance Team is an innovative performance squad that supports the Adelaide Lightning Basketball Team in the Women’s National Basketball League (WNBL).  The girls dance at all home matches and also perform at many other promotional events throughout the season such as the Credit Union Christmas Pageant & JFF’s Annual Christmas Concerts.

The Lightning Dancers volunteer their time to the squad with members using the experience to support their dance training in performance work. The squad typically perform approx. 20 routines over the course of a season with team members contributing to the choreography of timeout, quarter breaks and half-time routines.


Selection for a place on the team is by audition in June and is open to Just For Fun students and outside dancers 13 years & over. Previous members of the squad must also audition to retain their place on the team. At auditions it is required that each prospective candidate comes prepared with a solo routine and is also taught a full time-out routine to perform for a selection panel. Dance/Performance Skills, Technique and the ability to pick up work at speed are the main criterion on which dancers are judged, but personality, style, and teamwork are also important factors.

Training sessions for Season 2019/20 will be held on Thursday evenings from 7:30 to 9.15pm at JFF’s Woodville Park Studio, running from July through to December.  Priority is expected to be given to all weekly training sessions & performances throughout the season.  

The Adelaide Lightning Dance Team is committed to the pursuit of dancing excellence, and performing a diverse repertoire ranging in commercial dance styles.

Costumes are provided and remain the property of JFF. Dancers training singlet, team jacket and performance pack is supplied at charge.

NOTE: Any non JFF student participating in the Adelaide Lightning Dance Team is required to pay a fee of $80 for the season.


JFF Team flow chart