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Our Team

Sue Nairn

Principle / Director: Just For Fun the Dance Company


Sue Nairn is a professional dance educator with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance from the University of Adelaide and Bachelor of Education specialising in secondary dance schooling from the University of South Australia.

She has been teaching dance for over 20 years and currently manages Just For Fun The Dance Company as well as coordinating the dance programme at Kildare College in Holden Hill. Additionally, Sue is also a qualified Fitness Instructor and Massage Therapist. Specialising in Yoga, she has instructed at numerous health clubs across Adelaide as well as running an open community class at Payneham (listed in the JFF Info Brochure).

Over her time as Director of JFF, Sue has overseen a diverse assortment of unique performance opportunities for dancers including; the 2013 International Tour of China (Luoyang and Beijing: Cultural Tourism Festivals), 2016 Adelaide Fringe Production ‘Equinox’ as well as leading Performance Teams at sporting events - The Glenelg Cheerleaders (2004 – 2017), Adelaide Lightning Dance Team and the Adelaide 36ers Dancers.

As Principal of Just For Fun the Dance Company, Sue has taught and mentored many of the current JFF teachers and helped to develop their ambitions to pursue dance as a professional avenue.

Sue has extensive experience in performance work, teaching and choreography and brings to her practice her skills and passion for all genres of dance.

Bev Nairn



As Secretary at JFF, Bev is often the friendly voice on the other end of the JFF phone.

Bev performs a variety of important clerical and support tasks for JFF involving; weekly desk duties, the collection of dance fees & accountancy, student enrolments, recording of student measurements, ordering dance costumes & costume fittings as well as a multitude of other duties throughout the year. Bev keeps everything in order and is a wealth of information on all things related to JFF.

Bev is always happy to answer any questions and assist you with your queries.

JFF Teachers

                        Hannah Blackmore

                        Charlotte Brown

                        Bronwyn Carman

                        Rachel D'Sena

                        Renee Edwards

                        Melanie Mehicic

                        Emilee Ong

                        Jemma Rolton

                        Kara Roscioli

                        Olivia Di Troia

                        Stefania Zollo

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